Pricing & Payments in PickzKart

Sellers will set the price of their products.
The following deductions are determined based on order item value
a. Commission fee: Certain percentage of the order item value which usually vary based on vertical/sub-category
b. Shipping fee: Calculated based on product weight & shipping location
c. Collection fee: This varies based on order item value and customer payment mode
d. Fixed fee: A slab wise fixed fee. This is dependent on Order item value
e. GST (applicable on all of the above components)
Commission fee is a certain percentage of the order item value of your product. It differs across categories and vertical/sub-categories.
All payments are processed through NEFT transactions (online banking). The payment is made directly to your bank account in 15 business days from the date of order dispatch.

Products Listings and Catalog provisioning in PickzKart

Products are listed in system after filling out all the required information along with upload of images which create better choice for customers to make decision to buy.
As of now, there is no minimum listings to start selling on PickzKart.com
Using PickzKart system, seller have easy way to go for products listing. We advise sellers to choose the best category that fits your product line which helps customers to find your products faster and easily. Depending on category, PickzKart system accepts product details such as Size, Model and Color etc.
Yes, PickzKart team will always be ready to help Sellers at every stage of business with us. We would love to help you connect with industry experts for development of your catalogs and its listings. With assistance of PickzKart team and its partners across India, Sellers can have catalogues with beautiful and attractive images along with content at unmatched reasonable prices.
PickzKart team and its partners across India, will assist by all means to produce high quality images for your products and also develop content in a way. Customers find easy to learn about your products and make decisions to purchase products. This will helps to scale up sellers sale.
When pricing products on PickzKart, please keep in account of applicable Marketplace Fee and thereby advise sellers to include a feasible margin to finalize Selling Price. For ease of calculation, sellers can refer PickzKart's commission structure
No. Listing of products on PickzKart.com is absolutely free. PickzKart does not charge anything to you for listing your catalogue online. You only pay a small commission for what you sell.

Orders Management & Shipping in PickzKart

PickzKart's logistics partner will pick up the product from seller's warehouse and deliver it to customer. All we ask seller's is to get package ready for dispatch with correct products according to customers order.
At the time of seller registration, PickzKart system will ask for your pin code for pickup. If it’s not in serviceable area, Sellers will be notified via e-mail when their pin code becomes serviceable
From PickzKart Seller Central, sellers can easily manage their orders. When customer orders for your products, email notification will be sent to sellers so that the product should be packed and get it ready for delivery within time-lines sellers provide. Then our logistics partner will arrive at seller’s warehouse for product pickup.
PickzKart have wide network of best packaging material providers across India. We can connect you with them to get good quality packaging material which pleases the customers and ensures your products are safe and remain undamaged.

Returns & Seller Protection in PickzKart

PickzKart is planning for coming up with protection plans for Sellers safety against fraud. Will be rolled out quickly. As soon as its takes place, Email notification will be sent for all sellers
Yes, Sellers can raise a claim through email to partner@pickzkart.com. Depending on the case and category, sellers will be given a refund provided sellers have evident proof about shipments of authentic/undamaged product. This will help us close the issue in your favor.
Yes, Sellers can raise a claim through email to partner@pickzkart.com. Depending on the case and category, sellers will be given a refund provided sellers have evident proof about shipments of right product. This will help us close the issue in your favor
Yes, When your products are damaged in transit, you can raise a claim through email to partner@pickzkart.com. The refund process will be initiated based on scenario and product

Additional Questions

Yes, PickzKart always allows customers to provide feedback for the products they purchase. This helps sellers get good promotions for sales with good ratings. Alternatively, Negative feedback might provide impact on sales although it provides an opportunity to improve performance.
Yes, Sellers can get all help they need from PickzKart. We have dedicated 24x7 support at 1800-258-5838. In Parallel, sellers can send email to partner@pickzkart.com

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